Quarantine Reads #5: Bargains

I love a book bargain. As a graduate, it can be hard to part with £10 not knowing if you will even enjoy the book, especially if you have a high rate of reading. To keep me reading at a low cost I like to go to charity shops and buy second hand books for £2 or even less. However, its not possible during this time of lockdown so I have got my old kindle back out and have been looking for discounts on there. If novels are in the public domain, you can download them for free on kindle. Here are three reads I got for cheap.

Ghosts and Lightning by Trevor Byrne

The element that I like most about this book is that it is set in Ireland and written in an Irish dialect. It explores themes of grief, family, poverty, immigration and love. The plot line of a ghost possibly being in the protagonist’s house is very secondary to the slice of life action of those struggling in Ireland. Its not thrilling but it is emotionally intense with interesting social commentary. It has an engaging beginning using the second person in the first chapter.

The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer

This is another book that will have you feeling a lot of things. The timeline is not chronological as it jumps around from childhood to present day. Our protagonist feels he is responsible for his brother’s accidental death. The books follows him and his family coping with the loss and managing his schizophrenia. It includes disability representation with his brother having Down Syndrome and his friend being a young carer. You are taken on a journey in this book that is sometimes hard to stomach.

The Middle Temple Murder by J. S. Fletcher

I found this on kindle for free and I love a classic murder mystery so there was no reason for me not to check it out. It was written in 1919 and definitely feels of its era. The murder is set in London but the investigation takes us to a small village too. We follow a journalist who is intent on solving the mystery on matter how confusing it gets. There is gossip and hidden pasts and lost people to discover. It was easy to read and enjoyable.

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