6 Months of Freelance Writing Update

I can’t quite believe it’s been over six months since I first started freelance writing. It feels so long ago but so far away at the same time. Obviously my journey correlates with the pandemic that we have all had to deal with this year. I remember being disappointed that university was shutting down early but not having any idea how long this pandemic would go on for.

I finished university with no work prospects because of everything going on in the world. I couldn’t just sit around. I had to try something and for me, that thing was freelance writing. I had heard of it as a job opportunity before. It seemed like the ideal but only something I could achieve in the future when I had some experience. I overlooked the fears that were holding me back and decided to see if I could get any work online.

I was able to despite all my fears. It was a process and I had to start with small low-paid jobs at first. Eventually, I was building my profile on freelancing sites, my own website and social media. It was a freelance writing job that I wasn’t completely sure of but decided to apply for any way that got me to full-time freelance writer status. Up until that point, I was still looking at other options because I wasn’t earning enough money. When I got one freelance writing job, in particular, I was able to earn a substantial amount and call myself a full-time freelance writer.

It almost seemed too good that I was able to come across a stream of income that I enjoyed and I could live off. The effects of the pandemic on the job market had really got me down but through hard work, I was able to forge a place for myself in the freelance writing market. It wasn’t easy and there is a lot more I want to achieve. That doesn’t mean I can’t be proud of what I have achieved to this day.

You can watch my YouTube video for more details about my freelance writing journey.

As a little extra for my website readers, I wanted to share some assumptions about freelance writing that aren’t true but could hold you back as they did for me.

  • You need to have lots of experience writing professionally. (That’s not true. I started straight out of university.)
  • You need to be perfect at writing. (Everyone makes mistakes. Your clients will politely point them out to you if needed. Some people want a more casual writing style anyway.)
  • Freelancing means you won’t be working full-time. (Freelancing just means you are working for yourself. You can work the equivalent of full-time hours with one client or doing various projects.)

If you have any questions about starting out as a freelance writer, I’ll be happy to answer them. Thank you to everyone who has supported me on this journey so far. You can find out what I offer as a freelance writer HERE. For some creative content, check out the short story I wrote for The Everyday Magazine. It’s a dark feminist fairytale called The Apple of My Step-mother’s Eye.

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