5 tips for improving content writing

It seems like everyone is talking about content writing. Its what all the marketing gurus are pushing. It seems like the thing you need to be doing to achieve anything. As anyone can put up online blogs and articles this strategy works for big and small organisations. But you don’t want to just put up anything. You need to share content that is high quality so where do you start?

Your time is precious. You can spend hours picking the exact right words to win over your audience and encourage interest in what you do. As a professional writer who has spent a lot of time working on creating quality content, here is my advice on how to up your content writing game now.

Concise content writing

Longer doesn’t mean better especially online. Writing more words isn’t necessarily going to make your audience more engaged and your message more convincing. This is especially true when posting content online. People only spend about 15 seconds looking at a webpage. You need to get the key information over as quickly as possible. Grab them from the start. Keep your message concise and split your content into short identifiable sections.

Relevant topics

What’s the point? Your content should do something for your business. Don’t share content for the sake of it. That’s going to put you off content writing even more and it’s not going to appeal to your audience. There is a marketing side to content marketing. You are showing off your expertise and reminding your audience of what you offer them. Talk about topics related to your services or products.

Helpful advise

The customer is always right. What do they want from you? Think about why your audience is interested in you and what you can offer them. Keep it relevant to your area of expertise and what your audience expects of you. The more you can help them, the more they trust you. Trust is essential for any business or organisation.

Call to action

Pull them in and leave them with something to do. There is no commitment to read anything online so you need your audience to want to keep reading. Once they have finished reading your content, don’t let them walk away. Direct them somewhere else. The purpose of content writing isn’t just to share useful information but to get people interested in your brand and what else you can offer. End with a call to action for a freebie or service you offer. You can even direct people towards your social media to increase engagement.

Regular content writing

Share content consistently. This isn’t a one and done situation. You’ll get people checking back to see what you have to say next and turning to you when they have an industry-relevant question. Continually show how good you are at what you do. Give your audience more to interact with. Regular updates are good for your SEO too.

If writing isn’t for you, you can get help with it. There are loads of freelance writers out there so you don’t have to commit to hiring a specific employee. When you need something written, let them know. You can find out about what I offer HERE and more about how hiring a freelancer works HERE.

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