How to compete with Amazon

For many businesses, their biggest competitor is the almighty Amazon. They sell pretty much anything at cheap prices and are able to deliver it in record time. They are a fierce competitor. But there is more than one way to sell your product. Don’t try to beat Amazon at their own game. Do something different to compete with Amazon.

There are selling points that Amazon doesn’t have and you can harness. Here are just some of the ways you can beat Amazon to your ideal customers.


Make it personal.

Amazon is a corporation, almost clinically so. They don’t try to connect person to person. Amazon just tells you how much it costs and how quickly they can get your product to you. Show the person behind your business. Have relational contact with your customers. Then they will grow to like you.


Make it ethical.

Despite being able to donate to charity through Amazon’s smile campaign, I don’t think any of us could agree that Amazon is a socially conscious company. There have long been questions over how Amazon treats its employees. Show that you are a company that cares. Feature members of your team online. Publicly support social change. Team up with charities and good causes in a meaningful way. Don’t only care when it’s International Women’s Day or Black History Month. Showing you are making a genuine effort turns you into the kind of company people want to support.


Make it social.

For many people going to Amazon to find the product they are looking for is automatic. Amazon is most likely to show up on search results. But you need to let your customer base know that they have options. A good way to do that is to show up on social media. It is pretty difficult to rank above Amazon for a product but Amazon isn’t the kind of company people are interested in connecting with on social media. It is also a place where your personality and social consciousness can shine. That’s what I do! (@thefreshfeminist)


Amazon does have a very successful approach to business. But there is more than one way to attract customers. Don’t try to replicate Amazon. Be unique and have different benefits that some people will be more attracted to. It is unlikely their popularity will disappear but there is no reason you can’t compete with Amazon.

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