What is a socially responsible business?

Social responsibility is all about benefiting others as well as yourself. That doesn’t seem like something that will combine well with business. Often our stereotype of people who do business is rich men who will do anything to make more money. There are some people in business like that. But that’s not everyone. Socially responsible businesses do exist and thrive. The tides are definitely changing when it comes to what consumers want business owners to be like.

Social responsibility vs convenience focus

You are going to hear me talk about socially responsible businesses a lot. They are my favourite places to buy from and work with. They are absolutely the future. That’s why I take social responsibility very seriously in my freelance writing business The Fresh Feminist. I am running a Feminist Retreat on my Instagram and email to encourage other female entrepreneurs working to empower other women.

Think about some of the most successful businesses right now. We have become obsessed with businesses of convenience. That’s how Amazon did so well. They offer cheap products that they deliver to your door quickly. Obviously, those higher up in the business got a lot of profit out of that. I talk more about how to beat the dominance of Amazon in your own business in this article. I will confess I had an Amazon Premium membership throughout my time at university.

But the culture around business is changing. Instead of just helping the individual, helping the community is much more important. In a time where many businesses are struggling to keep going, the ones that have a good chance of success are the socially responsible ones. That is because their customer base believes in them. They are companies that do more than sell stuff. They provide their customers with value and have a positive impact on society.

What does a socially responsible business do?

There are many ways to make a difference but here is a list of just some of the ways to be a socially responsible business:

  • Sell eco-friendly product
  • Sponsor social change groups and campaigns
  • Donate to charity, either monetarily or a ‘buy one, one is donated’ type scheme
  • Offer services to empower women, people of colour, disabled people and other members of oppressed communities
  • Use their platform to spread awareness
  • Treat their workers at all levels fairly
  • Make sure their products don’t unnecessarily exclude people e.g. make up companies who release foundation in shades to suit every skin tone
  • Listen to their customer base and respond to feedback without getting defensive

Why bother?

I’m sure you already have ideas about how businesses can have a positive impact on the world. Maybe you are already running such a business. I encourage you to think about what your business can reasonably do to help your community. Being a socially responsible business is not only good for the world but they are popular. Conscious buyers want conscious businesses. Just look at these statistics.

Three-fourths of people (75%) are likely to start shopping at a company that supports an issue they agree with.

More than half of people (59%) are likely to stop shopping at a company that supports an issue they disagree with.

Making your business more ethical is viable for your morals and for your success.

I have to admit that taking on that extra responsibility can be challenging at times, although still very much worth it. When you focus on solving problems, you realise just how many problems the world has. But dealing with the pressure of being an entrepreneur and working to make a difference is what my Feminist Retreat is all about. Life can be exhausting and we all need a recharge. I hope to see you there!

If you have any questions about running a socially responsible business, especially content marketing for such businesses, don’t hesitate to get in contact. I am on InstagramTwitterFacebook and LinkedIn!

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