Is being outspoken good branding?

There are a lot of different ways to brand your business. In general, one isn’t better than the other. There is space in the market for everyone. How about outspoken branding? What you need to be concerned with is whether your branding appeals to your ideal customers. The only people you need to impress is them. So while being outspoken can be seen as controversial in the business world, it might really work for your customers.

What does it mean to be an outspoken brand?

Outspoken branding has clear values and stands by them. These kinds of businesses have a strong ethical grounding even if that means some people are put off. Their ideal customers have the same values so they are able to connect. Outspoken brands don’t bow to pressure to change unless it comes from their ideal customers who have the same values as them. They speak out when they think something is wrong.

So this is the kind of brand that puts values before profit. Companies obsessed with making money will do whatever they can to make as many people as possible buy from them. Outspoken brands know that it is better to have loyal customers than customers how don’t really care. There is more to life than money and there is more businesses can do than make a profit.

Who does this appeal to?

This is a bit of a generalisation but mostly the younger generations. Generation Z walked out of school to protest climate change. Making a stand is what they do. They are not afraid to speak out against the injustices in the world and they want to see companies do the same. As I talked about in my piece on socially responsible businesses, more and more the values behind a brand determine whether a customer buys from them.

Social change has consistently been in the news this past year. The pandemic has revealed the massive inequalities in society. A lot of people want to see some goodness in the world. Your brand working to genuinely make a change is the kind of goodness we need right now.

Here’s the catch.

You need to be genuine. Customers can tell when a business is supporting a cause because it is a hot topic and they are using it to bring in money. Support social change all year round, not just on a special day or during a particular month. Customers are clever, especially the type of customers you are appealing to by being outspoken. You need the integrity to pull this off. A money-grabbing scheme can be spotted from a mile away.

So if you are an environmentally friendly business or have a focus on empowering women, there is no reason why that can’t be your brand boldly and unashamedly. I for one am behind you.

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