How to launch a course

You know that releasing a course has the potential to change your business. You have spent ages putting together modules and worksheets to help your students. But now you need to launch your course and you don’t know how. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste. The world can benefit from your product so it is time to launch a course now.

There are two main steps in the purchasing process. Your ideal customers find out about the product and then they decide it is right for them. You can cover both of those stages with content marketing. This is a business-boosting strategy at any time and it is even more important when introducing a new product. Through posts on social media and your website and emails sent to your list, you can share information and do some convincing. Let me take you through these content channels and the most foundational one that we haven’t even mentioned yet.

The sales page

Your sales page is a really important piece of content. It is easy for it to become an afterthought when you have spent so much time creating your course and now marketing it through other channels. But on your sales page is where your audience decides whether or not to buy.

Courses are the kind of products that have a lot of information. There are different modules and forms of teaching. People buy courses to achieve a certain outcome and you need to convince them your course will do that. The sales page is the space where you can explain everything and deal with any doubts about investing in your product. You can’t launch a course without spending time crafting your sales page.

Blog posts

This is a standard piece of content marketing you are probably familiar with. Blog posts draw people to your website and show your expertise. During your launch is when you can get more specific with your blogs. Write about topics that directly relate to your course so you can give it a quick plug along the lines of ‘Struggling with this problem? Here’s a course to help you out!’

You can also use blog posts to promote your freebies. This is an easier sell. If the freebie requires them to join your email list, you can work on selling your course later down the line. Remember if you want to mention other pieces of content you offer in a blog, the topic needs to be relevant or you will be promoting to the wrong people.

The email list

Talking of email lists, they are a great tool for marketing courses. The thing about courses is that they tend to be more expensive and require some commitment from customers. It’s not the kind of thing you buy on a whim. Therefore, more convincing is needed.

That convincing can take place on your email list. This is the place you can announce your launch but also break it down, explain what you offer and why it is worth buying. You have more time with your email list because what you say is going to go straight to their inbox. You don’t have to rely on them seeing it in their feed. That’s the case with social media.

Social media

This content marketing channel is not as reliable as emails because you can’t guarantee that everyone who follows you will see everything you post. But it is still a valuable asset when launching a course. It requires less commitment. There is a difference between following someone and sharing your email address with them. Also, it is a great place to find new leads. It is not just the people who follow you who see your posts. Posts can be found through shares and searches.

The key with social media is to post regularly but always switch it up just a bit so you aren’t repeating yourself over and over again. It is a short space for writing so explore different elements of your course in each post. Don’t forget to show your face. That personal connection really helps with the convincing process.

Help with launching a course

So that is a brief breakdown of what is involved in the launch of your course. It sounds like a lot I know but courses can do so well. Planning and scheduling is the key to not getting overwhelmed.

If all that writing just isn’t for you, you can outsource your content marketing. Hiring a freelance writer means you don’t have to commit beyond the content of your launch. Funnily enough, I happen to be a freelance writer who specialises in writing launch content for online courses. Check out my Power Up Your Launch packages.

So if you need some help or just have a few questions, feel free to get in contact with me. Just send me a DM on Instagram or Twitter.

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