Are you a female entrepreneur without enough time to figure out your sales page and content marketing?

I can help!


  • Not having to stress about what to write.
  • Finally sharing how valuable your course is.
  • Achieving the sales your hard work deserves.
  • Having a launch writer while the content still sounds like yourself.
  • Being able to enjoy your launch and celebrate your achievement. 

That might seem like a dream because during a launch you have a million things to do. You have put your heart and soul into creating your course so you want to get it right but you are stretching yourself too thin. It’s time to cut your to do list down by having your sales page and content marketing created for you. Your success as a female entrepreneur remains at the heart of the project. 

Don’t spend ages searching the internet for the secrets of a perfect sales page. Instead unlock the package that provides the perfect launch content marketing for you. 

Introducing Power Up Your Launch

This is the proven solution for female entrepreneurs looking to market their online courses but they don’t have enough time or energy to work out  the balance between not being too pushy and still selling well.  

This is not another sterile offer that produces content that doesn’t reflect you, your message or how your course uplifts other women, leaving you feeling uncomfortable with how you are presenting your product. Instead the Power Up packages uplifts your online course to appeal to your audience and uplifts you so you can launch with confidence. 

 What does it mean to Power Up?

  • Stop stressing about how to write your sales page and get the word out about your new product.
  • No more searching in the dark worrying that you can’t come up with the right words.
  • It is all done for you so you can do what’s important during your launch – connect with your audience.
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If you had told me I would be a business owner just a few years ago, I wouldn’t have believed you. My idea of a business owner was someone who manipulated people into giving them as much money as possible while ripping them off. Working as a freelance writer, I see those kinds of people are the outliers.

There is a different kind of business owner taking over.

People like you who want to share your skills to help others so we can all rise up together and get the most out of our careers and lives. So when I  think about who I really want to write for, me and you are a match made in heaven

I am dedicated to helping you sell your online course with integrity, passion and less stress

Meet Your Launch Writer 

So who am I to tell you what to write?

I am Rebecca Clark and I am the founder of The Fresh Feminist. That is the business that encompasses my female empowerment writing. I create my own content to spread awareness about social change issues and I help other female entrepreneurs make a difference in their businesses through the power of words

I have made it my job to empower female entrepreneurs to empower other women through skill-sharing online courses. Achieve your sales goals without having to give up on your values about good business.

Let’s rise together. 

I know what it feels like to doubt your abilities when you are just trying to make a positive impact while financially supporting yourself. It can feel like the business world is only for cold-hearted millionaires who will do anything to get more money out of people. But there is a space for us too. Your online course could completely change the trajectory of someone’s life. Don’t hide it behind self-conscious and desperate words. Market with pride

I have been freelance writing with a feminist focus since I graduated university in the middle of the pandemic. I just couldn’t sit at home doing nothing. I needed to use my skills for good. I ended up working with clients whose projects I just didn’t feel passionate about. I networked with so many amazing female entrepreneurs that had a lot of talent but still felt so uncomfortable about sharing just how valuable their services are. 

From there I came up with the perfect combination. I could work with clients who inspired me and were creating products I was fully behind by helping female entrepreneurs sell their online courses that would empower other women. The Power Up packages are the solution. 

Transform your launch.

Go from stressed, overwhelmed, and doubting whether your online course will be a success 


Confident, focused, enjoying your launch because you have a solid marketing strategy

Feel reassured that all your hard work curating your course will pay off because you have content that sells it in a value driven and empowering way. Be your best self with a clear brand message and content marketing to be proud of.

Let’s talk money…

Hiring a full time copywriter for your business could cost you around £32,000 a year. 

Many freelance writers charge £1 a word which would make your landing page alone cost £2000 to £3000

But you are aiming to make money out of your course, not be out of pocket. Don’t worry. I keep it simple. 

Power Up Your Launch packages

12 week launch

  • The writing of your sales page 
  • 2 blog posts directing readers towards your new course
  • 12 emails pre-launch and 2 post-launch
  • 12 captions for Instagram/LinkedIn
  • 1 round of edits 
Investment: £900

Bonuses: Launch marketing checklist, Email marketing best practices guide, How to keep your sales page fresh guide, Cheerleader emails & Launch mindset workbook


8 week launch

  • The writing of your sales page 
  • 1 blog post
  • 8 pre-launch emails and 2 post-launch
  • 8 captions for Instagram/LinkedIn 
  • 1 round of edits 
Investment: £700

Bonuses: Launch marketing checklist, Email marketing best practices guide, How to keep your sales page fresh guide & Cheerleader emails


4 week launch

  • The writing of your sales page 
  • 1 blog post
  • 4 pre-launch emails and 2 post-launch
  • 4 captions for Instagram/LinkedIn
  • 1 round of edits
Investment: £500

Bonuses: Launch content marketing checklist, How to keep your sales page fresh guide & Email marketing best practices guide



Don’t worry about deadlines.

“Rebecca understood the project fast and delivered high quality work before the deadline which really impressed me.”


Don’t worry about whether the content will be good enough. 

“Rebecca has done a fantastic job. She delivered the articles very quickly and the quality of the articles was very good. I can tell that she put a lot of effort into her work and I highly recommend her!”


Don’t worry about whether we’ll get on. 

“She was also a joy to work with, with great proactive communication skills and she completed the assignment ahead of the agreed schedule. I wholeheartedly recommend Rebecca to anyone seeking creative fiction or copywriting services – you will not be disappointed!!”

Can’t I just do it myself?

You can but consider whether that is the best option for you. You need time to sit down, learn how to do it well and execute it to a high standard. You don’t want to risk it for your launch and possibly miss out on sales. Professional writers take years to perfect their craft. You can’t expect yourself to learn that in a matter of months or weeks. 


If you do it yourself:

  • You take time away from other elements of your launch.
  • It can be frustrating to master a new skill when you are on a deadline. 
  • You’ll be stressing about writing, not celebrating your success.


If you use a template: 

  • Your content won’t be personalised to you. 
  • You aren’t going to stand out from your competitors. 
  • You still don’t have that expert support. 


If you use an agency: 

  • There will be a distance between you and the people writing for you. 
  • I won’t be able to support you personally. 
  • You are unlikely to work with a writer whose passion for what you do will shine through the content. 
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Other awesome course creators also asked…

Is this too much of an investment before the course has even launched?

Launching a new product does take some investment up front to get the best results. Online courses are incredibly profitable so you will get your money back. Once this content is done you can use it for a long period of time just editing it here and there with any updates. To make money you have to spend money. 


Will it actually sound like me?

I focus on making the content individualised. I don’t just plug in a couple of details into a template. Our chats and the curated questionnaire will tell me about you and direct me to places where I can learn more about your brand’s voice and identity. My work is 100% personalised. 


Do I need to worry that much about content marketing?

You can’t release your course and expect it to sell without doing anything. There are tons of courses being released all the time so you need yours to stand out. You need to get the word out about your amazing product and content marketing is the best way to do that because it is informative but also exudes a lot of personality. Plus it’s free to share on social media and over email. 


What if I’m not an experienced CEO?

This offer is for all women sharing their skills and making their own money. This could be your first time trying out anything business related, your first time monetising your brand or another edition to your existing business. It’s not where you are in your business journey but where you want to go. 


Can I ever feel comfortable selling?

Yes! All you need is content that reflects you and what you offer. That will completely change your mindset on selling. You have something genuinely valuable to offer. Don’t feel bad about selling something that will improve other people’s lives. 


Is this offer for me?

If you have spent all this time reading through this whole page, clearly you care about getting your launch right. So do I. No matter what industry you are in if you are coming out with an online course, the Power Up packages will work for you. I want you to succeed and for your course to help as many people as possible. That is my focus when I craft your content marketing. Work with someone who cares and is in your corner. 


Aren’t you a bit young for this?

I know when I talk about graduating during the pandemic I make my age pretty clear. But I’m not trying to hide anything. I am on the edge between a millennial and generation z. All that means is I am fresh from learning the newest writing techniques, adaptable to what you need from me and eager to making things happen. I mostly let my writing speak for itself. No one can knock entrepreneurial spirit even at a younger age.

Ready to finally get your launch content sorted without having to second guess yourself?


Hurry before my schedule books up!