Here is my very first book

a children’s short story collection called ‘Short Stories for Big Change’

I have written an ebook of three short stories for primary school children about adapting to change and dealing with difficult feelings.

Stories are powerful. They can help children explore the world around them in a fun way. These three short stories were inspired by the immense change the year 2020 has imposed on all of us including children. Leo, Beatrice and Beth hope to empower kids and show them that they are not alone. Odd One Out explores fears of being different, The Monster tackles difficult feelings and Upside-down is all about change. Will Leo find his superpower? Can Beatrice get rid of the monster on her chest? Will Beth be able to turn the world the right way up again? Find out in this short story collection!

You can get three children’ short stories for just £2.50. Click the book cover below to check it out.

my book cover

Interested in more?

I also wrote a piece about how to talk to children about mental wellbeing.

Let’s start a discussion about why we should talk to kids about inequality.

If three children’s short stories aren’t enough, grab a free positive affirmation poem for kids HERE.