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Here is what I do as a freelance writer

I am a professional freelance writer from London with a degree in Creative Writing. This means I work on fiction pieces like short stories. I also write professional content including articles, pieces for business websites and even social media posts. Creative writing involves non-fiction as well so I am skilled at researching topics and recounting true stories. 

To businesses, organisations and other professionals

Is social change and inclusivity important to your organisation?

Do you what to be outspoken about what really matters and challenge inequality in society?

Do you want to talk to young people about what they care about?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’ then I’m the writer for you. As a Creative Writing student graduating during a pandemic, I decided to take my career into my own hands and become a freelance writer.

Enthusiastic about encouraging people to learn about social change issues, my passion will seep through my words and provoke your readers to think, act and be comforted in knowing they are supported.

We should all be learning about issues in society and how we can create a kinder, more understanding world. Whether that involves publishing an educational article, promoting movements on social media or sharing creative stories that capture the impact of discrimination.

There’s always something you can be doing to show your customers that you care. I can write the words you need to show that you stand with your customers. 

I have rewritten content so it can be reused, created in depth researched articles and produced regular social media updates. 

To those looking for personal stories

I believe we all have a story in us and writing it down is the best way to preserve and share that story.

Whether you want it as a personal keepsake or a precious gift, turning your story (true or fictional) into a treasured piece of writing is an amazing opportunity. I am truly excited to hear your story. I’ll take all the information you give me, do some research and planning and produce an engaging piece of writing. It’s your story so I will go off your brief. Any input throughout the writing and editing process is welcome so you are happy with the outcome.

I have written a few chapters of a book a client was giving as a gift which was a really enjoyable project. Writing powerful stories is so important to me I came out with my own ebook of short stories for children which you can check out here

Check out my writing packages!

Product: social media posts

e.g. Tweets or Instagram captions

Starting from £10 per post


Product: Articles and blog posts

e.g. Keeping your blog updated or contributing to your website

  • Researched
  • Engaging
  • Specific tone
  • Audience orientated

Starting from £50 per 1000 word article

Fiction pieces

e.g. Short stories and chapter of books

  • Creative
  • Well planned out
  • Inspiring
  • Topic research
  • Audience appropriate

Starting from £60 per £1000 word piece

Some projects are longer than just an article or short story. Get in touch and I can offer you a reasonable rate per word depending on the amount of research involved, the amount of revisions and editing you would like me to do and how quickly you need the project completed. 

If you are interested in working together, fill out the form below:

Don't just take it from me - check out these reviews

"Rebecca understood the project fast and delivered high quality work before the deadline which really impressed me."
"Rebecca has done a fantastic job. She delivered the articles very quickly and the quality of the articles was very good. I can tell that she put a lot of effort into her work and I highly recommend her!"
"Rebecca has once again done a fantastic job. I gave her two jobs at once and she delivered both very quickly. The quality of the article is very high and I can tell that she put a lot of effort and research into her work. This is already the 3rd article I gave to her and I plan on giving her more work. I highly recommend her to anyone who need high quality articles with tight deadlines."
"Superb social media posts, thank you!"
Review of my creative writing
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Rebecca Clark

Still unsure whether I am the right freelance writer for your project? Drop me a line anyway and we can chat about it (no commitments). I can only work on so many projects at once so get in there before all my availability is taken up.